🚀 We're moving from Slack to Discord!

Hey everyone! Quick update, we’re transitioning from Slack to Discord. This change comes after considering the technical limitations we’ve faced, the need for better organization, and our desire for smoother communication.

Why Discord?

  • Central hub: It’ll be our main platform for updates, news, and user communication, alongside this forum.

  • Organized & efficient: Everything you need, organized in one place.

  • Community engagement: A perfect spot to chat, share updates, showcase your Divhunt projects, and more.

Our Discord server is all set up and waiting for you. Your involvement is what makes our platform grow, and we’re excited to see you there! :sunglasses:

Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions for better organization or would like to see additional channels, please share your ideas!

Discord link: Divhunt



Please check the link. It says the invitation has expired.

@aslam Updated, thanks for reporting it! We added the Discord link to our website footer as well.

Dang yo. I always loved that Divhunt has a forum. I check it out even when I dont have some specific issue.

I hate Discord with a passion. Every time I open it it makes me wait for some update, I can never find what I want in there, it is overcomplicated, it is killing the internet I loved as you cannot google stuff, it is all hidden away in discords, it will make me have to ask each question again that you have covered before already, it is worse and infuriating in every possible way.

I still find usefull posts from 10 years ago on some long forgotten forum that was once active. In discord I cannot even find something that was discussed an hour ago.

Somebody else may disagree with that, but I am simply stating my opinion here.

For me this is a huge minus for Divhunt as a platform and specifically for support and communication. You are taking away one of the best things about Divhunt.

Should we ask questions on the new Discord from now on instead of posting them here?

I ask because questions on this Discourse forum haven’t been answered much in the last week. It’s strange that it suddenly seems like there’s not a lot of attention here…

I don’t think this form is supposed to be replaced. The information from @Lazarevic is that there is a switch from Slack to Discord, not that this forum is being replaced. I think they’re more likely busy preparing for a new significant update for the marketplace. :partying_face:


Hey @nextlevelbros and @Bryan, sorry for the confusion. I probably didn’t explain it well. The Discourse/forum isn’t going anywhere and will remain the main platform for support and updates.

We’ve just moved from Slack to Discord as a direct platform for communication (chatting, showcasing some work, quick questions, and getting help on really small things, announcing future plans before feature releases, etc.).

Sorry again for the confusion, and don’t worry, Discourse is definitely not going anywhere and will stay as our main platform.

Regarding the answer on the forum in the last week, that’s due to a high workload. We are preparing many big updates at the same time, and it’s quite difficult to maintain everything at the same time, but we promise it will go back to normal soon. :sweat_smile:


Oh, my bad for the misunderstanding, I read the post at a time I was tired and I guess I imagined a bunch of stuff that was not there lol. Yeah I am not a super fan of discord, so when I read that I went into complain mode :-p What you guys go through with all us internet-ragers.

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Hey there!

I may have just missed it, but the link doesn’t currently work and also, I didn’t see a link in the website footer :).

Can you please let me know the correct link?

Divhunt try if it works

Thanks! Unfortunately, it did not :frowning:@Lazarevic we could really use a Discord invite that does not expire :).

The discord link on the website is expired, please let me know a new link, thank you

Hey, just realized theres an option to have a link that never expires, here you go :slight_smile:


Thank you, see you there

Did mention this to you months ago. Happy to see you found it now.
BTW the link on your website is still not updated and currently expired.