What is the best method to use a video in the hompage (Besides Youtube...)?


I have a heavy video that I want to use but on YouTube, it shows all the menus and I wouldn’t say I like it.

I have tried the video button and adding a link from other platforms such as Instagram and tiktok but it doesn’t work…

I have tried the embed but it also doesn’t work.

Is the best way to upload it to the Divhunt server and add the link to the video button?

I need it to upload and play fast.

For youtube and vimeo we have native plugin which can help you do this.
For tiktok, you can try using rich text, add rich text element, and just paste tiktok link, it might work.

If not, only way is to embed it with code:

Embed from TikTok.com

Follow these steps to get the embed code from a TikTok video:

  1. Open the video webpage on tiktok.com
  1. Click the Share button (right-facing arrow icon), and then click Embed
  2. From the popup window, simply copy and paste the code into the destination webpage, where you wish to attach the video. Voilà, the embedded video will automatically load on the page.
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