What's the best way to create blog category pages?

Hey everyone,

So, right now we have a blog section on Divhunt CMS, and we’ve been using “Field type” to classify the blogs. But at the moment, they don’t serve any useful purpose.

We’re thinking of creating clickable categories, just like regular WP ones, with a page where you can see all the posts about a specific topic.

Any ideas on how we can achieve this? Thanks!

You need to create new CMS which ca ben called “Blog categories” , and that inside of cms “Blogs”, you need to create new field “Categories” which is going to be multi-relation.

And from there, you will need video help, which I can record tomorrow :smiley:

Hey @Pakic,

I’ve set up the field for Categories. Does it look alright to you?

Thanks for offering to record a quick video on what to do next! :smile:

Those are simple categories for the filters you will use Relation field so it will looks more like. Just in my opinion

When creating categories as a simple select dropdown, you can’t create single pages out of them. It needs to be a seperate CMS connected with relation field in main CMS. Like on Petr’s screenshot

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So, its taken a while, but here we are.

I’ve switched the field to a relation and linked it to another collection. But, I’m having some trouble connecting the new field type to both the main blog page and the individual post pages. Any ideas on how to nail this down?

Category fields:

General blog page:

Hey @Pakic still stuck on this step :grinning: :grimacing:


Created a tutorial on that:

@pakic Yup! Thanks a lot—it’s all working now. Thanks for the video, much easier following a tutorial.

Thanks also on my end for this tutorial. Exactly what I was looking for.

It’s a life and time saver! :blush: