Where is the HTML in the source code?

When I look into the source code of my website built in Divhunt, I don’t see the main html elements in the tags. There are just some scripts in the body but no html. This could be really bad for SEO and Google since it’s not gonna find your content directly in the HTML document.

Is this just on my site or is this on every Divhunt website? And why is this?

Hi @corneromme

We are using pre-render technique in order for generation full HTML content for SEO and Google.

You can test it here:

We are supporting Google and other most popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Also we will be supporting more in future.

So when crawl bot request your website, we do serve full HTML with all content there at once.

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Thank you for your fast reply! :slight_smile:
Okay I checked it. It indeed gives me back the content of my website. However I don’t see any html tags like h1 or section. How can I check if Google will still find the important html tags so that it know if something is a navigation, paragraph or section?

Also may I ask what the reason is that Divhunt uses a pre-render technique and is there a way to still display html instead of a script after pre-rendering?


When you open source code, you will just see an object of all data that your website has, and our JS code converts that to a website. If you try to inspect any element, you will see that structure of HTML is exactly as it should be, and bot crawlers see that structure. They see all of your headings, paragraphs, etc.

We are using prerendering technique because we had two choices to make SEO to work properly. One was SSR, and second one was prerendering, since achieving SSR on our system was not that easy, and it would require a lot of work, we decided to go with prerendering option. You can be sure that bots will crawl your websites perfectly like any other website that you have built on wordpress or webflow for example.

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I see, thank you for clarifying!