Would absolutely love the ability to "disable" a field or group right in the Builder, rather than "display:none"

I’m often experimenting with multiple ways to present data or components, and I would love the ability to “disable” a group or element right from the builder, without the mess of display:none on everything I’m not using.

Could live right in this context menu:
Screenshot 2023-08-16 170635

and then have a visual indicator that it’s disabled:
Screenshot 2023-08-16 171428


Right now you have the ability via block > settings > visibility



Both visibility or display: none are just hiding elements but still rendering HTML. If you don’t want to render HTML then you must configure Conditions under Advanced tab.

@rneary I’ll see if I can make something or a quicker way to fully disabled element

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Yessir, I’m trying to keep unnecessary code sections from being rendered at all :slight_smile:

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Until we create some easier solution, you can in Advanced tab, set condition for example (1 equal 2) which will be false so it won’t render HTML of that element.

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