Www to non www redirects

I want to redirect from www to non www version of my custom domain. How can I do that in divhunt?


Currently we don’t have redirect manager, but it’s the important feature. We will be adding it very soon. Thanks for patience.

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I hope you guys will bring this feature ASAP because right now I have two versions of my website one with www and the second without www which will create duplicate content issues.
Happy to see the improvements.

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You can do it with a small JS script BUT it won’t address the 301 issue and duplicate versions to the Googlebot. You might also get some minor speed issues using a script but it could be a solution until we have a native serverside 301 redirect available. This is also a “hack” if you have issues with one or the other version of your site.

I second the importance of Divhunt supporting this for both SEO reasons and speed.

It is not recommended as a first choice, but google does recognize JS redirects.

Chat GTP code…

if (window.location.hostname.startsWith("www.")) {
      let url = window.location.protocol + "//" + window.location.hostname.slice(4) + window.location.pathname;
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Yes, I know JS redirection is not recommended. Okay, I applied the js redirection code that you sent and it is working for now. I will change it when you introduce redirection functionality.
Thanks for the quick responses and updates.

@Tariq @MixxMaster

This feature is live now, you can manage wether you want www, non-www or both options at Divhunt dashboard.


Only works with custom domains.