Zoom to Selection…

…via Keyboard Shortcuts or Select Dropdown

When selecting a layer, users might not always see what’s selected based on what portion of the canvas is in the viewport. If there are a lot of boards, scrolling around the canvas to find your selection can add frustration and too much time on the task :triumph:

To resolve this, Divhunt should allow users to use either keyboard shortcuts or the zoom dropdown to auto zoom to their selected layer or object. It should be centered comfortably on screen. :heart_eyes:

As multi-board canvas-based apps, Miro and Sketch offer two great examples of how this functionality works. In Miro, after a user makes a selection, they can type Alt+2 (Win)/Opt+2 (Mac) and Miro will zoom and center fit the selection on the canvas. Miro’s dev team implemented some easing curve to the zoom so it feels smooth to the eye :star_struck: There is no dropdown selector.

Sketch offers zoom to selection also but gives users two ways to do this. A user selects can either type Cmd+2 or use the View dropdown in the control bar. Though not as silky smooth as MIro’s version, Sketch does auto center and fit the selection in the canvas viewport comfortably. Sketch goes further though. Let’s say you select an object in an artboard, using keyboard shortcuts or the view dropdown, I can zoom to the full artboard while the child object remains selected. Pretty neat if you ask me. Check out their full list of keyboard shortcuts for zoom.

This functionality would make working in Divhunt even more intuitive and efficient. It will make Divhunt look even sexier compared with Webflow because they don’t even do this :wink:


We will see how Miro & Sketch are doing those, and we will try to make some imporvements, for now, if you are using layers, and you select something in layers, and don’t know where is that element you selected, just double click layer, and it will lead you there.

Ok, that’s a decent workaround. Thanks Pakic.