404 page - How to?

Hello, how to make 404 page?

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We don’t have 404 page still. Will let you know once that’s implemented.

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Hello @dejan,

Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude for your efforts. Using Divhunt is truly a delightful experience.

I understand that the 404 page is not yet in place. However, I was wondering if you have an estimated time of arrival for when this feature will be available. For me this is a quick win that will also benefits your main website from a SEO perspective.

Thank you in advance for your response.



Any update on this? This is a SEO requirement on my side. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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@Pakic @dejan any update on this? It’s an important feature we need for SEO.

@petrbilek @mxcrml @Rajat_Subhra

This feature is online now, right click on page > Set it as not found page, then publish your website and it should work for your visitors.



This is cool. Finally updated :blush: I have done enabled. It works. Thanks @dejan

@ric From tomorrow you’ll see change-logs/updates inside your builder, so every new thing we do, you’ll see it there


Amazing, thanks. Nice update

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How or when do I need to use this 404 page?
I understand that is “page not found” right?
Why is it important to SEO?

@dejan :ok_hand: This is perfect, thank you so much !


Yes, you are correct. A 404 page is commonly referred to as a “page not found” error page. Having a customized 404 page is important for SEO because it helps :

  • Improve the user experience on your website : When a user encounters a 404 error, they might feel frustrated and leave your site. However, with a well-designed 404 page, you can provide helpful information, navigation links, or even suggest relevant content.
  • This can encourage users to stay on your website and continue browsing, reducing the bounce rate and improving overall user engagement – and SEO.

Hope this helps.

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Now I get it
It is very important yes
Thanks a lot for your reply :kissing_heart:

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Where in the builder can we find the change logs/updates?

maybe it helps to track this issue here. :slight_smile:

This Option isn’t available anymore in the builder…
but maybe it’s better, to create anyway always a 404 page for a new project.

We temporarily removed that feature due to some bugs, we are currently working on it and it should be available for use very soon.



It’s fixed, please allow 1-2h in order to get update live.

Sorry for this delay, next time I’ll fix bugs like this super fast, just this time I was swamped with several things that had to be done.