Advanced countdown timer questions


i found this video on your forums about how to setup a countdown timer.

Now i wanted to ask you a couple of questions:

  1. would it be possible to setup an action when timer reaches zero?

For example when timer reaches zero redirect to URL

That would be amazing.

  1. would it be possible to specify a relative date instead of fixed date?

I know this would require some advanced cookie + IP detection to make it work but imagine this situation. You have a landing page where you collect emails, when somebody gives you the email you show them a one time offer that will expire in 7 days.

So the timer will start from the date the person reaches that page.

Do you guys can implement something like that?


So your promo ended on dec 1 and people can still access the lifetime deal prices. Hopefully now you understand why i asked about the countdown timer features.


Currently it is not possible to do that without JavaScript, only way to do it is to create custom JS which will check what date & time is it now, and if it passed that moment to do some action.

In terms of our pricing, we did it this way on purpose, until we release monthly plans in next couple of days :slight_smile: