Button component problem

In my project, there are button primary and button secondary components, and I have 3 problems with them.

  1. When I change the link on the component instances to another page than one from the main component it works but when I want the button to link to the external link or anchor it always keeps the main component link.

  2. I have a project block, which is a link, and inside I have an instance of the secondary button component. Obviously having a link inside the link doesn’t work well so when I try to convert the button secondary link block to div, hopefully only on that instance, it converts all button instances and main components to divs.

  3. I think that in my CTA section component where I have a button prim component, I wasn’t able to link the button only for this section (I feel it was because it was a component nested inside the component). The only way to link that button was to link its main comp to the contact page and the section button instance inherited this linking. By coincidence, it wasn’t really a problem as both link to contact but potentially there are section components that need different linking for the button inside.

I unlinked component instances from all of these so it kinda solves the problem, but is there a way to make all of these work while still keeping the component instances?

  1. Yea, we have that issue with components which are link - if main component is lets say “page link” - leading to another page of your website, all other instances need to be linked to some page, they can’t be external links. This is known issue, and we will try to make it better in future. What I suggest is don’t have main component linked to anything and then your instances will have ability to be linked in any way you like. That how we did buttons on our website and it worked fine.

  2. It is possible to have link inside of the link just inside link need to be wrapped in ‘object’ which you can find through CTRL+E. How can I add link inside link?

  3. Nested components shouldnt be a problem as well, nested button component should be able to link anywhere if you do it like in question 1? If I understood question correctly.