Form submission redirect > code solution

Hey, might be helpful for you if you will need a redirect after form submission.
Just set-up a new js code in code library.

mdEvents.Fn('catch', 'forms.success', function(data)
  /* If you have multiple forms, check the id of form to match */
  if( !== 99) { return; }
  window.location.href = '/diky';

@petrbilek Hi Petr, would you mind helping me out? I also want to make a redirect. Can you explain more about how to insert this code and what to edit? I am not that familiar with code and it seems that you are quite an expert. I want the form to redirect to

Or can the “Action” URL be used as redirect? Didn’t find any info on that.



@Pakic @petrbilek YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Thanks for the video @Pakic, very helpful.

Works perfectly.

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