Random video tutorials that are not on youtube

Hello everyone,

Here is the list of tutorials recorded with Loom, posted as solutions to specific questions on this forum. These tutorials are not available on YouTube, as we strive to maintain a certain standard and quality in our creations there. The sole purpose of these tutorials is to teach you something you need to know. They are recorded in one take, so sometimes the quality of the explanation or recording might not be excellent, but they are always useful. :slight_smile:

Whenever we create something useful this way in future, I will update this topic.

How to connect a domain
How to create a pricing toggle switch
How to create toggle in forms
Markdown embed content styling explained
Background decorations (blured circles & shapes)
Table of Contents Plugin
Sticky cards while scrolling
Advanced hover states with child selector
How to create checkmarks list with use of Rich Text Element
Swiper detailed explanation - mutliple use-cases
Hide navbar while scrolling || code here
How to create floating scroll to top button
Redirect to thank you page on form sumbission || code here
How to create animated scroll down arrow
Text going around the image tutorial
How to create multi-step form with JavaScript || code here
Different size of blog card if blog is featured
Position absolute explained
Paralax image while scrolling
How you should use Custom Code in Divhunt
How to create website for right to left languages
Change image on hover
How to style tags inside of rich text element
Text styling - clip an image to text
How to use Custom Fonts
How to create countdown to specific date
How to edit specific loop item with nth-child CSS property
Editing specific item in loop - a bit advanced (custom css)
Show X images in gallery, but in lightbox popup have way more.
Creating a simple dropdown submenu without a plugin
How to Ensure Responsive Website Design
How to edit content inside of accordions (FAQ’s)
Style arrow when accordion (FAQ) is opened
How to duplicate a page
Custom Success State on Form Sumbission
Basics of REST API
Creating and connecting single page of blog
Nest links inside of each other
Pretty Forms Plugin
How to add fontawesome icons
How to embed a video - For youtube and vimeo we have a plugin (check here)
How to create overlap effect of two sections
Gallery Box - Basic Tutorial
Lottie Basics
CMS - Multi image field (Iterable)
Submit Divhunt form data to Make (ex Integromat)
Creating a blog with category page (multi-relation field)


Hi @Pakic kindly share the code used in the redirect to thank you page tutorial.

mdEvents.Fn('catch', 'forms.success', function(data)
  /* If you have multiple forms, check the id of form to match */
  if(data.form.id !== 99) { return; }
  window.location.href = '/diky';