Form Submission Webhook


I need to connect the a Divhunt form to the Brevo create contact API, so that every form submission creates a new contact in Brevo.

What is the best way to do this in Divhunt?

Originally, I planned to use the Divhunt webhooks but i didn’t see a way to add custom headers (for the Brevo api key).

A normal Rest API Post request or a Workflow would do the job but not sure on how to get the submitted form data into the request. Could you provide some insights how these work exactly?

Thank you in advance!!

I tried to connect directly to airtable with the approach shown here:
Send form data to a webhook (e.g. Make)

but that went nowhere, because of constant CORS errors.

Now I’m doing it via make and it works.
If you watch the vid and try to get the code to work, you can copy the snippet I pasted down in the same thread. It has no errors and is for this purpose.

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