I have some problems with managing my website CMS and blog page

Hello, so I did everything in the video but I cant seem to figure it out. I get stuck at this point

My posts have nothing to do with it. Also can you please explain how to create a single blog page like the following :

I should create a container for every single element and move it accordingly or? Thanks in advance!


Can you give me link of your website?
I am not sure where are you stuck, since it seems that you have connected blog posts successfully?

https://cyberneticseo.divhunt.art/ - here is my website ;

As you can see the blog posts that I have, have nothing to do with the content that is being displayed

What should I do?? Thanks in advance!

Hi, heres a video explanation, hopefully its helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks this somehow helped to get the main idea. I really think you shall invest more time into building tutorials and example building of websites etc…

is the process the same for linking the images etc? How do I set the featured image.

this right here for example does not pull any data from the post

same right here for the image

It really takes a while to build a website with your platform although you advertise it as “fast” no code builder :DDD

Maybe perhaps some documentation on how to use the tool? Or more deep dive into how to build stuff with it?

Again the same thing happening here. Apparently this works for other sections but not this one. Its like the program chooses what to display and what not. Literally did the same steps for everything


I think its best if you start over and try to follow tutorial as much as possible.
You dont need to use itterable field to connect text and images, itterable field is for some more advanced stuff, and it is not meant to be used here, you are using itterable on some places where you should be using content field in settings tab.

You need to match fields inside of CMS & Builder. So if you are using rich text in CMS, you should connect that field with rich text inside of builder.
If you are using text field inside of CMS, you should connect that with paragraph, span or headings. etc.

dont really see the image option with the link. only selecting source from uploaded images


That one we updated recently, so its not in tutorials, click on X icon to enable variables on images

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I’m struggling with this, too. Maybe make another tutorial on how you created the blog page and individual posts’ page? @Pakic

I still need further help with this, @Lazarevic

Let’s continue with this in your original posted thread: CMS set up for blog list and individual posts' page - #3 by Lazarevic

Please provide your website URL there.