Is it possible to recover a version in divhunt?

I just deleted a component and can’t bring it back by undoing.

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Hey @oscarlima we are experiencing certain issues with undo function, we will fix that as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting a bug.

I advise to duplicate your project with every major change and save it as a backup since UNDO only lasts during the current session.

I’ve noticed this too – sometimes Undo doesn’t bring back the element, or it brings it back blank, or brings it back somewhere other than where it was before.

@rneary @thefallenone

If you remove something accidental, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll extract it from backup database for you, until we implement the UI for backups.

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hi how do i go to the previous backup?

Hi Dejan,

I accidently removed my footer, any chance you can bring it back from one of your backups? Thank you.


If you add the ?backup=1 in URL, you can see the previous backups, but this is not feature yet for production, yes, you can use it, but be very careful.

The number 1 is the offset of latest backup, so 1 means the latest backup, the 2 is the second latest, etc.

So enter the backup more, and then just copy the tags as object (JSON) and leave the backup preview, then paste it into your real website.

Do not remove/modify/add/remove anything when viewing the backup.

If you are not sure how, let me know your domain and I can do it for you.


Beautiful! It works like a charm!!! I ended up going for backup=5.

Thank you, Dejan! Great work and fast reply :heart_eyes::trophy::peace_symbol::mushroom::four_leaf_clover::chart_with_upwards_trend::brain:

Great news!!

How many backups do you store in your database?

So for each publish it’s a backup right?

Is it a full backup each time or only the updates?

Do your backups have limitations in size?


Yes, publish = backup.

For now, there’s no limit of backups, we store them all, in future we might limit to last few hundren or so, we will see.

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