Is there a media manager?

Perhaps a silly question - but is there a media manager that can be accessed without having to find an image to click on, then settings, then click source?

I would think we would want a media manager where files can be uploaded/deleted, etc., that would be available as an icon, perhaps next to the Styles icon?

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We will add assets manager in near future, for now, what you described is only way to access files :slight_smile:

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Yeeeesssssss (said in Napoleon Dynomite voice) - thank you!

@ShorePatrol Just wanted to get you even more excited by showing you a sneak peek. :no_mouth:
Of course, this will be developed over time, but this is the plan.


Would love to see this live. It is a much-needed feature when I upload a lot of files and it’s inconvenient to go through all the files to get exactly what I need. Organizing the files will save a lot of time.

Ohhhh Hell yeah - can’t wait!