Issue connecting content from CMS

As you can see I’m connecting the content and I’m getting only [object] as response.
Website is

You need use rich-text tag for that, and then connect it. If you use regular paragraph, you will get that result.


Thanks Pakic!

How can I edit paragraph text style since the whole content is inside the same element (rich text)?

For instance if I want to change h2 and paragraph styles

Found it on another thread! Thanks

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Hi again. How do I add pagination so I can show only 12 results at a time?

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@oscarlima please, can you point me to the thread you used to resolve this? We’re struggling with creating/connecting CMS items on blog listing page and individual posts page.

Thank you. cc @Pakic

Just answered you here @Victor : CMS set up for blog list and individual posts' page - #3 by Lazarevic