Can I edit styles of only one item in loop?

I understand that idea of loop feature is to have all looped items to be exactly the same in terms of styles, but is there any way to style for example only 3rd item in loop?

I have this 4 cards in loop (screenshot), but I want my 3rd card to standout a bit more, maybe a different background or shadow, how do I achieve this?

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This is possible in three ways, one way is to add a class to item that you want to edit. In this case to 3rd item, second way is through custom CSS and third way is through style attribute.

Option 1: Through class

If you click to edit 3rd item and add class “card-highlight” for example, only that item will have that class. Which means now whatever style is coming from that class, it will be applied to only that item in loop.
But be aware: tag styles are stronger than class styles.
What this means is, if you have background style applied to tag, whatever is coming from class will not override tag styles, one trick to override it is to open custom CSS and add !important in class styles.
For example: background:blue!important;

Option 2: Through style attribute

You can change attribute of specific tag inside of loop without affecting any other tag. This means you can add style attribute and change styles only of selected tag.
You can see on example below that I changed background color only of 2nd item in loop.

Option 3: Through Custom CSS

This is the hardest way, for some people might be overwhelming, but developers will like this way of doing things.

If you click on looped item (parent), then you can open custom CSS tab and target specific elements with :nth-child feature of CSS. For example you can edit every 2nd looped item using :nth-child(odd) or you can style heading 3 inside of 2nd loop item by using :nth-child(2) h3.
You can see the idea in the screenshot below.

If you would like to learn more about nth child possibilites, you can do it here.

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I am finding that for any attempts at method 1 and 2, changes I make affect all items in the loop.

Classes apply to all iterations
Attributes are applied to all iterations
Stylings from the property panel are applied to all iterations

Even nth child applies the same bg color to both loops

    background-color: #C9BFFC;

    background-color: #c2d8f9;


Where #mainGrid is the parent grid to the selected link wrappers.

further, removing either of the lines of code above results in neither having a background applied.

I inspected the preview page to see if some div or other element was being inserted between the grid and the link wrappers, but that does not seem to be the case either.

<div id="mainGrid" class="t-109">
   <a class="t-111">
      <img src="" loading="lazy" alt="Image" class="t-110">
   <a class="t-111">
      <img src="" loading="lazy" alt="Image" class="t-110">

Any suggestions?

Another note, when I add a second item inside the link wrapper, it creates new grid children.
I am wondering if the grid feature is broken?

Heres a video explanation of loop, and how it works with classes, attributes & styles.

And for the issue with grid, can you send me a link of websites where you are seeing that issue?

I’ll check the video, the url for the project is:

ah, yes forgot to target the a element in my implementation, thanks. that helped with the bg.
I also wasn’t aware of the direct access to css within the properties page so that’s alse great.

Also I understand that the first element creates the default for subsequent elements, that’s helpful.

I still have the issue of the buttons ending up in new loops, even though they are children of link wrappers. I am wondering if I needed a div around the button and image, will test now.

Issue is because link cannot be inside of link.
In order to have link inside, you need to wrap inside link in object tag.

Heres a tutorial on how to do it:

OK thanks I figured it out with that and with this: