Uplaod Images Not Appearing, Still Having This Issue

Hi guys, I have seen some other threads about issues with uploading images so I was hoping it was totally resolved, but I am still experiencing the problem that when I upload images they do not appear in the Media Library.

This has been an issue for me over the course of a few months that I am using Divhunt, and today it reared it’s head again so here I am to tell you about it.

See screen recording of issue

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Yeah, I’ve been having the same issues as well. If you upload the very same image, it will disappear from the gallery. So I had to fetch images from the CMS for my galleries. It’s a better solution long term wise anyway, but when you get problems uploading images for one time use - that does hinder your progress.

Since you’re using them for a gallery of some sort, I would advise to use the CMS. It will also help you manage multiple galleries across the website.

You can read about it here:

How to use the CMS for gallery:

The video in “Multiple Image field for CMS” helped get the iteration through the CMS content to work :slight_smile:

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Hi @Vincent, thanks for the tip. I have been considering what elements of my Landing Page template could connected to a CMS, I guess the image gallery might be a good one so I will look into that when I have the time.

I hope the CMS functionality works in a way that is convenient for my needs, as I would need to connect multiple fields for each image, including the thumbnail, hi-res image, as well as a caption for each image in my carousel that is built using an external carousel script.

In the content for the gallery in the CMS, you could create one “field” named thumbnails, and another one called full-res. Name images as: image-thumb-###.jpg and image-full-###.jpg and upload. I know their CMS will rename them, but HOPEFULLY, they will honor the upload order or whatever, so the first image in thumb in the “thumbnail library” will be the same as the on in the “full library”.

That way you could just iterate thumbs from the thumbnail gallery and then the cover images (setting in Gallery Box plugin, see tutorials from posts in my last reply) from the full resolution library.

I have no idea if the honor the upload order or not, but hopefully they are.

@dejan Do you know if the builder honor upload/filename and order the renamed files in the CMS according to it so the above example work?
Maybe we should be able to keep our filenames as we upload them to make stuff like this work?

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Thanks a lot for the continued advice Vincent, you da man :sunglasses:
I am gonna try to set it up as you suggest.

Hi guys, I am still having the same problem that I have always had when working with images in Divhunt. Images do not appear after uploading. These are not duplicate images.

Here is a screen recording showing the problem:

It is the same problem when I created this thread in December last year. Nothing new, image upload did not work and still does not work.

I am still waiting for a solution to this, it is a massive roadblock for me. Whenever I have time to work on my site, if I need to use images I always run into this issue and cannot proceed and need to just randomly try again at some future date and hope that Divhunt now will accept and show my uploaded images. This is really no way to work, things that should take minutes to make some changes take days or weeks waiting for when Divhunt feels like allowing me to see my uplaoded images. It is driving me crazy and souring my whole experience with Divhunt.

BTW @Vincent I just tried to set up a CMS functionality as you suggested for my galleries, but when I get to the moment that I want to upload images, I have to use the same Divhunt Media library - the one that does not work. So it is not really helping me in any way unfortunately and just adds more complexity and steps to the process of setting up my carousels.

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I have to +1 this. When I run into this issue, it kills my productivity.

This has to be a top priority to get working consistently. It is a feature that essentially everyone on the platform will use, and as new users onboard, it can quickly become too frustrating and cause them to abandon the platform. That’s the last thing any of us want :).

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@nextlevelbros @Studio350

Yepp, same here. I’m a photographer as well, and I just stopped building here until the images issues has been dealt with. You do sooo much, then when it comes to the images - error.

I just have to continue building in Wordpress and learn Webstudio until this issue is fixed, I just gave up because of it :frowning:

I’ll still hang around here looking for updates and new cool features! :grin:

@dejan Could we get a priority on this issue maybe?

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Thanks for reporting this, that happens with images above 2MB, our current limit is 2MB.
But yea, our response message is bad, idk how it reports successful upload instead of telling you that you can’t upload file over 2MB.

We will try to resolve this asap, and now when I see that a lot of you have this problem and some of you are photographers, we could increase limit to 3-4MB per image. Everything above is crazy for a website :slight_smile:

For videos is 20MB btw.

@Pakic I dont think the problem with files not appearing in the Media Library has to do with the file size in my case.

My file is not larger than 2MB, and not even close to 2MB.

Please let this this be finally fixed, this is not an obscure feature that a few users use, this is an absolute basic neccessity.


@nextlevelbros @Vincent @Studio350

We’ve finally identified possible cause of this. It’s fixed now, I tried with couple of images that didnt work before, and now they are working just fine, so please feel free to test this out and let us know if it works! :slight_smile:


BAM! IT WORKS!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

AWESOME WORK! :star_struck:

What was the issue? Really curious about that! :grin:


If exact image exists in our system, we do not reupload it, and all accounts are basically using same system, problem was if you or anyone else uploaded some image, and removed it. Image was still saved in our system but status ‘removed’ was set to true. And when you tried re-uploading it on same or other project, you couldnt upload it permanently, because ‘removed’ status was always set to true in our database. :joy: Stupid bug that was fixed in few minutes, but took some time to find it. :smile: